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possibly some flash flooding concerns as well. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar right now. you can already see big showers and storms, northern virginia, pounding places like cumberland maryland and moving towards frederick as we speak. flash flood watch up almost all central maryland, all of baltimore and dc area as well. a quick check of maryland's most powerful radar as we have it in motion here that is where the heaviest stuff is now. basically on a line from hagueers town down through winchester virginia, front loyal virginia and cull pepper, this will be moving steadily through dc and baltimore area through the evening. 80s. murky and humid now. another hour or so around baltimore but watching on the western side of town, expect showers and storms to arrive in the next few hours. much more about the outlook tonight. flood concerns how much things will change towards the
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weekend. all coming up rosie. harper county authorities need your help catching a violent sex offender who seems to have struck again. the incident started in aberdeen and ended in forest hill. abc 2 news tells us about the suspect and how his past has police in harper county working hard to catch this guy. >> reporter: take a very close look, the sheriff's office is trying to find 45-year-old anthony eugene robinson for a violent rape that happened early sunday morning. it is not the first time he has been accused of such a crime and authorities fear it may not be his last. we are utilizing our resources we want him off the streets he is registered as a violent sex offender and he is a suspect in a rape that occurred over the weekend. >> reporter: authorities say he abducted a 24-year-old woman from this 711 off 95 and aberdeen. deputies say the victim was having phone troubles. robinson offered his and he
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abducted her. he traveled from aberdeen to here his last known address in forest hill, stopping along the way and sexually assaulting his victim in a corn field. when they reached robinson's home the victim escaped and ran to a neighbor ending her 3 hour or deal. anthony robinson is a registered sex offender, according to court records he was convicted on a violent rape in 1995, one where he is accused of using a weapon to get his way that landed him time and a spot on maryland's sex offender registry. today he is noncompliant and has three active warrants for his arrest. >> right now we are getting information out to the community we want people to be aware this is someone we are looking for, they should be -- exercise caution if they see him pick up the phone and call 911. >> reporter: helping deputies arrest a wanted man and now possibly a repeat violent offender. in hartford county, abc 2 news. if you know anything about
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this case or where this guy is hiding call hartford county crime solvers line. tonight police are looking for this man right here, 34- year-old earnest clark was mistakenly released from baltimore county jail last month. he is a rape suspect accused of attacking a woman in northeast baltimore a decade ago. dna linked him to the crime if you have any information about his where abouts call police. barefoot ban did could be hot footing it back to the u.s. in custody of marshalls. he told a judge in nassau he is guilty of entering the bahamas illegally paving the way for authorities there to deport him. the 19-year-old faces dozens of local and federal charges he was captured after an alleged 2 year crime spree which began with escape from a juvenile facility near seattle and ended with attempting to steal a boat in the middle of the night.
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bahamas police were behind him commandeering a boat with three surprised passengers behind him. >> everyone yelled stop, he proceeded to the weapon to my head. i will kill myself i can't do back to jail. lee will have to -- he will have to fly to miami first to make his initial appearance in federal court. now continuing coverage of extreme make over home cushion. house for girls hope. crews are working around the clock. more on problems and special gifts from two local universities. >> reporter: day four at the job site and a project about 12 hours behind monday is a day behind because of the rain. >> we've picked up good crews i think we will catch up it will be tight, we will be jumping all over each other but i think we will get rolling and get
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this thing buttoned up by thursday. >> reporter: the gear is wet, the crew is wet but that old saying about dark clouds and silver linings, this whole project is a silver lining for the girls who will be living here when the roof went on the volunteers hit high gear. >> i am a hard worker i am hard work i like helping. >> i am sure everybody will get it done. >> reporter: sun came out volunteers showed, supplies are here and the silver lining got brighter. >> the college of notre dame is offering 7 scholarships to girls in the house. room, board, tuition. we are offering to the boys and girls 8 null scholarships with tuition, room, board, fees. >> reporter: the future for the kids at boys hope girls hope is brighter and the giving doesn't stop with the students. >> we will be wrapping our arms around those moms and making sure they get academic
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counselling, career counselling they are not just watching their children move forward in life but they will be able to move forward with them. >> reporter: the disaster team is in place whatever can't be salvaged will be redone. even with the roof on a little grey can't dull the silver. in northeast baltimore, abc 2 news. calling all volunteers the crew of extreme make over home edition needs dry wallers, masons, painters, trim carpenters, ceramic tilers and setters, flooring installers. if you are skilled go to the site with your own tools and check in at the security area go to our website at check out the story titled extreme make over volunteers needed. now for a look at tonight's top stories today hundreds of people said goodbye to a young man many said had a bright future as a basketball star. crowder was shot to death last week he played ball in essex.
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the 6'7" was catching the eye of division one schools. the girl hurt in the bombing in uganda is having surgery to repair a shattered leg bone. 16-year-old emily is having the operation in south africa. her grandmother whose arm was broken is with her. tomorrow afternoon a prayer service will be held at emily's high school. tonight engineers are slowly putting three -- shutting three valves that lets oil flow through the newly installed cap on the gulf of mexico. they want to see if it can with stand the oil. it is still supposed to be a temporary fix for the temporary well spewing oil in the gulf since april. technology is on your side aside from sandals and sun screen a few gadgets you just don't want to leave behind and more troubles for apple, why the most respected consumer organization in north america
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into a total hot spot. roughly the size of a credit card and fits in your pocket. turn it on your laptop, gaming device, ipod touch anything that requires a wi-fi connection is connected. remember to relax a little andrea smith, abc news. well, if you plan on hitting the road for your vacation this summer danger could be driving your way. coming up, remembering the little things that can make a big impact as you make your way to your destination. summer time wedding you don't want to miss how one couple tied the knot with a pair of snorkels [ air blowing ]
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watch as an ordinary cooler crushes the passenger in this crash test video. unsecured objects in your car can become projectiles in a crash. george clark of wisconsin should know. >> it was pushed this way so the whole jaw was out of center with the center of my face. >> reporter: george and some fellow dads were coming home from boy scout leader training when another car pulled right into their path. they hit it going 50 miles an hour. and the untethered child booster seat next to him hit his head. >> george said humty dumbty that must have been what it was like for the plastic surgeon to put these crushed pieces of bone back together again. >> reporter: safety research which strategy says ordinary objects in cars are responsible
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for thousands of injuries a year. at 13 miles an hour a 20-pound object hit s with a thousand pounds of force. watch as a suitcase severs a passenger dummies arm. from head impact, soft tissue, serious internal injuries it is a wide range. >> reporter: one showed unbelted passengers are a danger not just to themselves but others because even people can become projectiles like this. in the case of a crash, even something as small as a can of peas will become a missile. >> reporter: as for george clark he agreed to talk with us so his story could become your cautionary tale. >> more trouble for apple as the most respected consumer organization in america says it cannot recommend new iphone 4. consumer reports magazine said it tested the new phone and found its reception problem is not just a software glitch as apple implied last week but a phone defect that should be
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following the accidented. our consumer reporter john materese demonstrates problems and possible solutions so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: the saga over reception issues with apples new iphone gets dicier by the day. first apple said there was no problem with reception then the face of thousands of complaints, the company made some suggestions. now, apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit. so what is the fuss all about? >> more than a million and a half people lined up and bought a new iphone on the first day of sale. numbers would have been higher had more phones been available. this diehard fan had a simple reason. it is much better than the old 3 g model. >> i got the old one but the new one has just way better everything, new screen and battery life lasts longer. >> reporter: but is it? within hours bloggers posted about reception problems with their phone, if they held it
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too tightly. so i grabbed a new phone and found some truth to those claims, if you cup it in your hand, touching the new metal antenna that wraps around it the signal drops. >> losing bars, losing bars, losing bars, losing bars, one bar. >> reporter: watch on a desk in our newsroom we had a full signal strength of 5 bars. but after a minute in my hand we were down to almost no service. tech websites say the problem is the phone has an upper and lower antenna, cupping it in your hand shorts out the two antennas. apple calls it a minor problem but now suggesting users buy a rubber sleeve for the new phone which prevents you from touching the outside antenna. apples steve jobs says the phone works great if you hold it correctly and suggests users may want to buy a rubber wrap around to keep fingers off the antenna. a maryland law firm filed a class action suit claiming defects and description on
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apples part. the saga continues. don't waste your money, i am john materese. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. not raining yet but if it is anything like what we got last night, another rough night. >> yeah, and worth mentioning, whether you are a droid person or iphone person you can download our ap, because we will watch this the next hour or two max. don't hold it in the funny way. hold it loosely or get a case. something i don't know. the flash flood watch, answer is just about all of us here in the central part of the state, baltimore down through dc extending to philadelphia, flash flood concerns it begins now, or in 10 minutes from now, if you want to be technical. maryland's top radar watching right now, again, you can
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always watch this too on abc 2 or any number of smart phone applications, but we've got big storms down here northern virginia picking up a little bit of speed. slow moving complex of showers and storms, knocking on the dc door step and as we slide you further east, you can see first place that will be effected out towards frederick, caroll county, mount airy these storms beginning to edge right over the maryland line and eventually all this will track into the immediate baltimore area. nice day to be out on the water whether i not. 87 degrees right now, -- water. 87 degrees right now. it was unsettled as we look at our weather net camera downtown. weather in motion, murky cloudy unsettled not producing much rain out of those clouds through the day. that will change as we go into the later night hours here and then down toward laurel another murky day there. what a difference the weather is this week from this time
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last week when it was all sunshine. inner harbour, 85, annapolis, frederick 84, moisture, humidity levels high, that will fuel showers and storms, two different rounds, first round, moving in western maryland, places like cumberland and frost berg and then further south, got even more shower and storm action developing tennessee valley, that will sweep up behind us see the circulation here, leading edge of it in western maryland and trailing moisture showers and storms south of that will come up and get us into the late night period, say toward 11:00 p.m. or so. two different rounds between the two of them and rain we had yesterday, that is why we have flash flood concerns area of low pressure, churning in disturbances. forecast model as we go into the overnight, more rain possible through midnight as we get into the day tomorrow another line of showers that could pop up, looks like at this point it may well be east
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of baltimore but certainly eastern shore, cambridge and easton looking for possibly one more round midday. thursday looking much drier. tonight 73, humid, stormy, flash flood watch up, no definite expiration, tomorrow, 90 or so, more sunshine mixing in but the chance of pop up showers and storms, especially it looks east. then tomorrow night 70, a few showers and late clearing. let's check the seven-day forecast, as we do, kind of see the trend line here, a little bit hotter but generally a decent amount of cloud cover, thursday, friday, with that blazing sun back in the mid-90s and then this weekend, looks like a slight chance for storms around for the most part a decent weekend with temperatures around 90 degrees. live baltimore is asking for donations to help girls hope get ready for the upcoming year. they are asking you to donate
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school supplies for its extreme school supplies drive. 3 ring binders, colored pencils, composition notebooks and construction paper. crayons, dividers, glue sticks, pocket folders. drop off donations at live baltimore. 343 north charles street first floor. mount pleasant church and ministries and here at our studios. we've already received several donations including one from a sorority. thanks guys. one more thing, extreme make over home edition is teaming up with the american red cross to host a blood drive. tomorrow 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. mount pleasant ministries, the church is the main spectator parking lot for the build. now with a look ahead to
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abc news 2 at 6:00 p.m. recovery time from surgery to remove pancreatic cancer can take almost a month but a new surgical procedure cutting that time in half. the clock is ticking on fleet wood avenue to get the job done in a week. a sneak peak at one of maryland's businesses lending a hope to help boys hope girls hope. a preview what is coming your way on world news at 6:30. >> coming up on world news t very latest on the oil spill and we are going to take you deep into the bayous back into cajun territory, back where the way of life of men and women is in grave danger. come with us tonight on world news
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♪ storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth, landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow, because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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it is summer time one couple took their wedding to the beach they didn't get married observing on the shore because their love goes deeper. 5 meters deeper they got married at an underrer water ceremony. the two divers already celebrated their engagement under water this time they were united in holy mattery mow any they wrote i do with a pencil. well, a very popular r&b singer being sued to the tune of $1 million. why neo may have to appear in court in maryland. abc 2 news at 6 starts now. now abc 2 news at 6. not bad today, most parts of the viewing area, but flooding could be heading our way. why it has a full forecast of what you could expect tonight. hundreds of people pa

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